After the All-Night Study Session: Surviving the Day When Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation can be a dangerous thing. You can fall asleep on the road or even suffer from hallucinations. Despite the dangers, most of us have suffered form this at some point in time. you may have been studying all night for a final exam, or up all night with a crying baby. You body compensates somewhat by shifting into survival mode the next day. You may be able to get up and get to work or school, but you may notice that you are not functioning at full capacity. If you must lose sleep at some point, there are a few ways to get through the following day.

Stay Hydrated

Before you head off to take care of your daily responsibilities, get hydrated. Your body uses more water when you are awake than when you are sleeping. You may have depleted your stash while working away through the night. Your adrenal glands are also going to go into overdrive, producing more stress hormones than normal. Flush your system by drinking extra water throughout the day.


While you are busy hydrating, add an electrolyte drink to the mix. You can also add natural Himalayan salt to cut of water to get the same effect. Salt wakes up the adrenal glands, prompting you to wake up. The salt and water method can also help you avoid extra additives and sweeteners.  A sports drink should work, however, if you cannot stand the taste.

Eat for Health

You may find that you are craving sugary foods after losing a night of sleep. You may already have started to binge chips and candy during your study session. You need to eat for you brain and for energy the rest of the day. Start the day with some protein. You can eat some eggs or sausage to get going. Greek yogurt also has a good dose of protein. This boosts orexin in your brain. This neurotransmitter helps to keep you awake. Eat starch with that first meal, as well. This helps to release energy over time instead of the quick release from sugar.

These are some healthy ways to help your body survive a day after losing a night of shut-eye. Be sure not to over caffeinate. Drink coffee in small doses without sugar throughout the day. Take time to make a breakfast with protein before you attempt to drive or do any work. If you are headed straight to class to take a test, this can get you through the hour. Take care of your body extra well until you can get home and get some rest.

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