Amazing Scuba Diving Sites Around the World

There’s an amazing world of diverse plants and animals that live underneath the seas and oceans. Most people live oblivious to these ecosystems, but for scuba divers, they can see it first-hand. Scattered across the globe is a unique range of amazing diving sites. There are different aspects of these locations that make them stand out. For some, it is the natural aspects of the location, while for others these are combined with the ruins of an old shipwreck to create a new ecosystem. Here are some of the best ones and more information on why they consistently top the charts.

Great Blue Hole

This beautiful diving site is located just off the coast of Belize in Central America. Formed from a giant marine sinkhole, this site is a major tourist attraction. This circular area measures about 1,000 feet across and 400 feet deep. The outline of the area is marked by a coral reef. It is a great view from land and sea, but there is so much more to see if you go scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole.

It must be mentioned that there are many sharks living in the Great Blue Hole. The combination of the hole’s deep blue and the coral create a beautiful range of vibrant colors. The freshwaters along the border are warm, and as you move further down, the water transition into cooler saltwater. At this border area, the water becomes wavy and starts to shimmer. Besides shark, there are many other fish like giant tuna that live in this unique zone. Deep below the surface, there are also ancient caves to explore and lots of stalactites and stalagmites as well.

Barracuda Point

This top diving site is located near Sipadan Island of Malaysia. It is consistently ranked among the top five diving sites in the world. As the name suggests, one of the key features there is the large barracuda fish which surround divers as they go about their exploration. There are also a lot of coral areas where sharks are frequent visitors. Besides many species of larger fish, you can also see other sea creatures such as turtles, grouper, jacks, and white tips.

The Yongala

Located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, this diving site was created from a shipwreck. Named after the ship that went down in 1911 during a cyclone and killing over a hundred people on board, the Yongala diving site is now full of sea life. Since the 1980s, the site has been protected by the Historic Shipwrecks Act.

There is a whole host of sea creatures that swarm and flock this old ship. Bull sharks and tiger sharks are among them. Diving can also see turtles, octopuses, sea snakes, manta rays, and lots of schools of smaller fish. There is also coral growing in and around the wreck. The 109-meter-long ship is a sight to see.

Shark and Yolanda Reef

The last diving location in this article is the Shark and Yolanda Reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. The best part about scuba diving here is that there are actually three places to dive, and this makes this experience among the top 10 beautiful dives in the world. The anemone dive is one. There is also the shark reef dive, which is characterized by its dropoff. Finally, the wreck of the Yolanda also makes for an interesting dive. Currents in the area encourage drift dives starting off at Anemone City and drifting to Shark Reef and finally the shipwreck site. There are also lots of pelagic fish along the way.


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