Americans Sleep Less Than Ever Before

A new survey conducted among Americans has revealed that they sleep less than they did 13 years ago. In fact, many Americans are sleeping less than six hours on average each day.

The National Health Interview Survey states that 33 percent of the 400,000 people reported that they sleep at least six hours. This is a rise compared to the 28.6 percent that reported this much sleep in back in 2004. That is close to 9 million people or a 15 percent increase. This is about to the population of New York.


The analysis claims that people have started sleeping a lot less, especially from 2013 until today. The most significant decline in sleep has been recorded in black adults. In 2017, 40 percent of African-American reported that they sleep less. Additionally, 30 percent of white people also said this, as well as around 33 percent of Hispanics.

This is the first study which showed a decline in sleep that was reported by the participants themselves, especially among minorities.

The recommended amount of sleep each night is seven or more. If people do not get enough sleep, they run the risk of accidents or developing conditions like obesity.

The interesting fact is that the respondents might even be sleeping less than they are reporting. People generally overestimate the amount of sleep they get each night. But this study does not try to explain why people are sleeping less than they did at this time 13 years ago. One of the main factors might be stress, but additional research needs to be done to prove this.

One of the more significant issues might be the use of cell phones, especially close to the time when people go to sleep. The reason is that the number of people using cell phones has doubled over the last decade. Staring at a bright screen is never a good idea before bed.

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