Careers in Big Data Analytics

The new technologies emerging are creating many new jobs with exciting job descriptions. One of these areas is big data analytics. The skills to work in this field can be applied in many different industries, including banking, marketing, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications. Data is an important part of any business because it helps decision-makers with the vital information they need to make their decisions. The field of big data takes this a step further by looking at very large sets of data.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Traditional computing programs and software have been used to analyze data for as long as they have been in existence. When it comes to very large or very complex data sets, they are somewhat limited. This is similar to how an ordinary calculator cannot commute numbers past a certain magnitude.

Big data is a growing field because of the growing understanding of the importance of getting information from increasingly large data sets. Some of the new challenges in this area include how to capture, store, analyze, share, transfer, and update such large sets of data. Data privacy issues are also a major concern because these large data sets are often customer data, including sensitive individual and business information.

Big data is often used for user behavior analytics to look at consumer behavior over time. It can also be used with predictive analytics as in the area of machine learning. By analyzing past behavior of a machine, for example, analysts can schedule routine machinery maintenance better. Large data sets can also be used to spot trends in the weather, in crime, in disease, and in biological and genetic research. The applications are wide and diverse, and this makes big data analytics an exciting field to have a career in.

One of the reasons why data sets have been getting larger and larger is that it has become easier to gather, transmit, and store data. When computers and the internet were first introduced, all these charges were very high. With developments in IT and internet connectivity, the costs are only going to get further reduced.

Possible Career Paths in Big Data Analytics

If someone is interested in big data, machine learning, data analytics, and other related areas, there are lots of opportunities available. Big data is only going to get more and more important in the future, so high school and college students should consider this area seriously if they are interested in math and technology. A lot of these careers can be taught as college classes and programs. It is also important to note that a lot of the math and computer skills required to perform some of these jobs can be obtained from certificate programs as well as self-study. This opens up a lot of opportunities for anyone in any field who is interested in a career in data analytics.

One of the career paths in this area is becoming a data scientist. In this role, the person must be able to analyze lots of data and produce some meaningful deductions from it. Another potential career is as a data engineer. These engineers are more on the IT side of things and maintain the flow between applications and servers, as well as data architecture.

On the machine learning side, possible jobs include working as a machine learning scientist. Many companies are also looking for business analytics specialists to boost their businesses. A few other possible job titles in these and other related areas include data visualization developer, business intelligence engineer, business intelligence solution architect, machine learning engineer, and statistician. As you can see, a love for numbers and computing can land someone with an exciting career.


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