Computer Program that Mimics Humans for Videos

Most of us already question the validity of the news station. Now there is more reason to wonder about what we are seeing on the screen. There is now new software that can copy the movements of a person on a screen. This allows for fake information to be sent with a face that we trust. There has been something like this already invented, however, this new one takes it to the next level. Even poses from the torso and head are mimicked. Eye movement and the background surrounding the video are very convincing.


While many of us may jump to conclusions about sinister uses. There are some practical implications. Movies are often dubbed over to make them available in different languages. This software would enable this to look much more realistic. There is even talk of using it in cases where deceased actors are reanimated into movies. The concern is fake news. This software could give anyone the ability to make a video with any face they choose. There may even be possibilities for criminal behavior.

How it works

There is an algorithm that scans videos carefully. This is done one frame at a time. Facial landmarks, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose are used to form an understanding of the person’s physical movements and facial expressions. The fact that the user wants to show on the new video would have the features and movements of the person they want to mimic. This could make it seem that someone is saying something they never did. This could lead to a lot of issues with people falsifying information and putting people in bad situations. A fake confession to a crime could even be fabricated to frame someone or take the blame off of the real killer.

The Quality

At this point we may not have to worry too much about getting fooled. Studies show so fare that most people are able to tell the difference between the real and the fake videos at this time. About 50 percent of individuals were fooled, however. There are limitations on angle and camera position which may also add to disbelief in some cases.

People are already stealing identifies by using current technology. This new program could be a lot of fun to play with, but could become dangerous in the wrong hands. The professional uses, such as in movies, also makes this a profitable endeavor.


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