Early Aging: Why Poor Self Care Makes you Look Old

It seems that there is an endless stream of products aimed at making us look younger. There are beauty products, foods, and supplements. No one seems to be happy aging past their 20’s. This, of course, is not a reality. Most of us do not have the money to undergo extensive procedures and plastic surgery on a regular basis. While we are worry about what we don’t have, however, many processes are taking their toll on our bodies. More time spent on self-care from a young age can help to decrease some signs of aging. If you haven’t been using anti-wrinkle cream since age 25, don’t worry, there are still a few things that can take some years off almost immediately.


You may not feel as vibrant when you walk into a room as you age, but this shouldn’t stop you from entering with confidence. Your posture plays a big role in how others perceive your age. Elderly people are known for slouching over. They may not have the strength to hold themselves up or may have an illness that causes the issue. You are adding ten years or more to your appearance by becoming a hunchback. It may be a difficult thing to change, especially if you have been the habit of slouching for several years. Straighten up in front of the mirror before you leave the house to get motivated. You can also adjust your desk or chair height at work. This can help you find the optimal height to fit with your improved posture.


Veterinarians take a look at the teeth of dogs when they want to assess the age. What do yours say about you? Without proper care, gum disease can set in quickly. This can cause pale gums and a receding gum line. Your teeth may not always be pearly white as you get older, however, this can be remedied in several ways. Keep up with regular cleanings, and floss on a daily basis. There are also many whitening products available to get you back to your younger self.


When you are younger, it seems you can eat whatever you want with no consequences. Over time, a poor diet takes its toll. Take the time to revamp you eating habits. The first step should be to drink more water. This is an easy way to hydrate your skin and look more vibrant. It can also help keep your weight in check. When you are overweight, you may look several years older. Stay away from large amounts of refined carbs, trans fats, and sugars. It is also a good idea to limit your alcohol consumption.


Old favorites can be hard to let go of. When your wardrobe looks like a collection from your favorite teen movies, it may be time to make some changes. Pay attention to people around you in the same age bracket. Take some fashion clues from people you admire. The style you wore in high school is most likely completely out of fashion. This really shows your age. Aim for classic styles, and basic trending pieces. A poor fit can also add to your age. When your clothes are too small, your age really shows. A shirt that has buttons about to pop makes you look like you do not care about your appearance, at all.

Skin and Hair

Your skin and hair were probably a priority back in your high school days. Most teenagers refuse to leave the house without everything in place, from head to toe. If you slack off on these items, it is probably because you are taking care of kids, tending to a demanding career. Reevaluate your products. As you age, you need different products as you age. The main thing you can do is keep your face clean and moisturized. If you still have oily skin as you age, invest in something that absorbs oil. There are many creams, and rice paper is easy to carry around for occasional blotting. Your hair may be dull and dry. Many people can skip a wash or two as they age. This can help your scalp retain the proper oils. Hair dryers and curling irons also add to the damage. Invest in a product to specifically for heat protection if you use these items. Enjoy healthy hair, for a more youthful appearance.

There is no magic potion that can return you to your teens or 20’s. These practices, however, can help you avoid looking older than you are, however. Most help you look younger than your actual age. Basic self-care is key to looking your best. Your skin, hair, and posture are noticed right away when you meet new people. Take the time to manage your basic needs for better health, and an improved appearance. They tend to go hand in hand.

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