How to Win the Battle Against Cellulite

Women have been at war with cellulite for the longest time now. And no one wants to hear that something is never going to happen. Unfortunately, cellulite is the one thing that they may never be able to defeat, at least not completely.

In this day and age, looks are becoming more important by the day. Everyone wants that magazine-ready body and face. The only issue is that not everyone is willing to put in the work that is necessary to achieve this. Because of that, people are more susceptible to spending inordinate amounts of money in order to achieve the desired result. This is where the true nature of humanity comes into play. If a salesperson senses the desperation in your voice there is nothing that can stop them from selling you that expensive salve, cream, or device.


As women are under constant pressure to look their best, any product that claims to reduce or completely remove cellulite from the body has a great chance of being sold. And at a hefty price point as well.

Cellulite is especially problematic, since more than 80 percent of women around the world have it to some degree. And almost all of those women feel insecure about it. So, chances are they are going to click on that link they see somewhere online and potentially purchase a device or cream that may even be unhealthy for them. One such contraption was the Fascia Blaster. This device claimed that it can destroy cellulite through a process similar to a massage. What ended up happening is that the machine gave the women bruises, and bruising does not destroy cellulite, it just damages your blood cells.

What Can Be Done?

Not much, unfortunately. Cellulite is just a byproduct of the way women store fat. There are small pockets in the skin that store fat cells and they are different for men and women. Due to these differences, women store fat in vertical columns and this makes it easier for fat cells to pop out and create that texture similar to an orange peel. Even skinny people have cellulite because humans need fat in order to survive.

All the so-called cures and remedies do not work. They have all been tested and none of them work as advertised. The only true remedy is lowering body fat levels and exercise. Grueling and vigorous exercise, in fact. And even that cannot completely eliminate it.

What has been proven is that excess body fat makes cellulite worse. Due to the cells increase in volume, the lumps in the skin get bigger. In order to somewhat eliminate cellulite from the body, you need to rearrange your connective tissue structure. And no amount of time spent on the treadmill or the elliptical can achieve this.

The only real and proven method for battling cellulite is strengthening your muscles. Since you can never truly change your tissue structure, you can move it around a bit by building muscle in the correct areas. Dermatologists, as well as cellulite experts, all agree that lifting weights is the only way that you can somewhat reduce the visibility of cellulite.

This is great news when you consider that weightlifting is becoming more and more popular among women. The taboos surrounding this form of exercise for women are finally starting to disappear.

Lifting weights does increase body mass, but it does not make you instantly look like a bodybuilder. That takes years of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. So, the sooner you start doing squats with moderate weight, the sooner you may see the results you want.

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