New and Shiny Chrome

Google has updated their Chrome browser just in time for the popular program’s 10th birthday. According to the statistics, Chrome is the most used browser around the world, with an estimated 60 percent of all users opting to use it on their devices.

The general practice for Google has been to release an update about every six weeks. For their 10th anniversary edition, Google has decided to roll out one of the most significant updates yet. 


The Design

The first change most of the users are going to notice is the look of the tabs. Gone are the pointy tabs of old, replaced by much simpler rounded-off lines. All the icons, the color scheme, as well as the user interface have received a facelift. According to the Google blog post related to the release, all the changes are made to bolster user productivity.

The built-in password manager is also improved. Similar to Safari, the password manager is forcing users to create stronger passwords. The Auto-fill option for user information has also been updated and is much more accurate than before.

Tab Management

An average user opens more tabs than he knows what to do with them. Google knows this and Chrome already has built-in tools for managing them. Pressing “ctrl” plus “tab” cycles through all open tabs. Clicking and dragging one tab out creates a new window, and dragging all the way to one side locks it in place, which is useful when doing research or multi-tasking in general. Right clicking on a particular tab opens up new options for managing it. By doing this, users can pin one particular tab, mute the tabs audio or even re-open a tab that was closed by mistake.

Do You Speak English?

When a user enters a site created in a foreign language, Chrome opens up a dialogue box to ask if the content of the site should be translated. If the pop-up does not appear for some reason, the user can right-click anywhere on the page and choose the translate option from the drop-down menu.

Fun for the Whole Family

In addition to the usability updates, Google also updated the little secret game users are greeted with when they try to search for something through the browser but they do not have an internet connection. When a user does this a little T-Rex pops-up on the screen and by pressing space you initiate the game. In order to get points, the user has to press space to make the dinosaur jump over the oncoming cacti. For the anniversary edition, Google freshened up the little dinosaur and gave him a blue hat.

A fun little fact is that you can still access this game even if you have internet, by typing chrome://dino in the search bar.


Users will gain access to the new features over the course of the coming weeks. A green arrow appears on the top of the browser when the update is ready to download.

It is possible to download the update manually. Users need to press the three dots in the top right corner and click on the Help and then About Google Chrome option.

Mobile users can update to the newest version through the App Store or Google Play applications.

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