Parental Modification of Behavior around Children

Many parents change immensely when their children are born. The sudden responsibility allows for some massive self-reflections. Some parents change their behavior in major ways, while others simply make some subtle changes when they are around the baby. As children grow, parents seem to grow even more conscious of how they talk and what their children are exposed to. In many cases, a parent may seem like an entirely different person when their kids are around. These behavior changes are usually done without thought, in an effort to raise a child with proper morals and decision making skills.

Baby Talk

This starts from day one. Parents just cannot seem to help themselves when they find themselves staring at the little baby in front of them. Baby talk often extends into the toddler years. Studies have shown that children need to be exposed to the way we normally talk to ensure that they learn proper speech. Baby talk seems to accomplish more simple sounds, however, in some cases. Therefore, baby talk may assist children in forming early words or syllables.

The Fake Voice

Sometimes a child may look at a parent and ask why they are talking a certain way. After being in a parent role all day, you may or may not be ready for an adult conversation. A phone call may come in and you put on your best professional voice. Your kids may think an alien took over, and you may wonder where this mature sound came from. You may also resort to fake voice when meeting the friends of your children. This voice is meant to be polite and show nothing of your true self. Over time this voice may make more appearances, especially when you have to meet many new faces in relation to your child’s social life.

Hidden Habits

When children come along it can be a wake-up call for most parents when they realize how many habits they have built up over the years. Things like consumption of sweets, long hours in front of the television, and romance novels. Many parents find themselves hiding away to eat a stash of candy, or waiting for the kids to go to sleep to binge watch a show. Inappropriate items of all kinds, including racy books, are hidden. It can be amusing when your child finds your hidden candy stash, and calls you on it.


Parents may completely change who they hang out with once the children are born. It is naturally easier to spend time with fellow parents. That way if you end up having to leave early or issue a time out, the other person understands. You can also show up to these meetings in your sweatpants. Other moms won’t care, they may even congratulate you on managing to take a shower or brush your hair. The truth behind this change is the shift in priorities. Your perfectly styled hair and high heels may not be practical for hanging out with the baby.

 You may also feel that time is much better spent with your child than putting together the perfect outfit for a night out on the town. This results in playdates and mommy and me class. Your new parent friends are going to be the ones who stand the test of time when you are knee deep in vomit or covered in baby food. They may even come over and help while you take a rest or wash up.

Many things change when a baby comes into the family. There are many things that parents do over the years that are telltale signs of parenthood. Parents that are extremely good at sticking together when things get tough. The shift to friends with kids usually comes pretty naturally, and few people miss the raging night life. A new purpose and joy has been found. A fun part of parenthood is hiding your candy bars and sneaking cookies. You may have to hide in the pantry to have a tasty snack, away from prying eyes. Becoming a parent can be a lot of fun, even though it does bring new responsibility. Do not be surprised to find yourself changing for the better.

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