Rocking to Sleep

Rocking is a great way to put an infant to sleep. This has been proven numerous times before, and it is the go-to move for most parents when their little one doesn’t want to go to sleep. A recent study showed that this works for people of all ages. Even fully-grown adults, when placed into a gently rocking bed, tend to go to sleep quicker. Their sleep is also much deeper, and their memory works much better the following day.

These findings might give us new insight into how the adult brain refreshes its memory cache each night. A group of neuroscientists decided to put this theory to the test to determine how accurate these claims are. The first study was conducted in 2011. The results were unanimous as all of the adults slept better in a custom-built bed with a rocking function. The bed sways from one side to the other in intervals of four seconds, and it moves precisely 10.5 centimeters in each direction. But this study only included naps and not full night sleep.


A new study was conducted recently that had 18 adults sleep in the laboratory. One day they slept in a rocking bed, while on the next they slept in a stationary one. While the participants slept, the scientists measured their brain activity.

The participants were also given certain words to remember before going to sleep. After a night spent in the rocking bed, all the participants displayed an improved ability to solve the memory tests given to them in the morning. This suggests that they did indeed sleep better.

The study shows a lot of promise for people that are suffering from insomnia. If further testing proves that this way of sleeping can help these patients, it may become an alternative treatment or a great complementary one to the treatments already administered.

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