Scientists Get Closer to Turning Hydrogen into a Metal

In a new scientific study, the claim of turning hydrogen into a metal could soon be realized. It has been a long period of time, spanning close to eight decades, for scientists looking to transform hydrogen to a metal. So far, none of the attempts have proved successful.

Creating a New Metal

Hydrogen is the first and smallest element on the period. It exists as a diatomic gas, but some of its subatomic properties are metallic in nature. Scientists have tried a wide range of methods to convert the gas into metal, but all have failed until now.

In a new attempt at the elusive goal, scientists are squeezing hydrogen under very high pressure to convert it into a metal, or at least try. This latest attempt is being conducted by three researchers. Their findings so far are reported in They believe that this could lead to success under the right conditions.

To produce metallic hydrogen, the new research proposes that pressure of over 4 million times that in the atmosphere of the Earth be applied. If this could be done, it could put an end to a mission that was started in the 1930s.

Although the new study is still undergoing review, early comments from some physicists believe that this work could prove very substantial. There is little doubt about hydrogen’s metallic nature and the possibility of conversion. The main subject of various attempts to convert it to metal has been around the mechanism of how. There are some skeptics, however. It’s still early days, but some in the scientific community are yet to be convinced by the new work. This is understandable because of the very many claims of success in the past. All of the claims to have converted hydrogen into metal were eventually disproved.


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