Some of the Best Science-based Documentary Movies to Watch on Netflix

Science knowledge and history can be shared in many different ways. In the last few years, there have been countless new science documentaries, which have been produced. These often give untold background stories to scientific discoveries, leading research findings, and other eye-opening insights. Here are two exciting science-based documentary movies released recently about the universe. They are both available to watch on Netflix, and both have great reviews.

Living Universe (2018)

Living Universe is a 200-minute documentary that delves into the question of whether there is life in the rest of the universe that lies beyond this one. The film, which was directed by Vincent Amouroux and Alex Barry, is full of brilliant effects and epic scenes. It uses a lot of imagination to explore possible answers to this age-old question. Unlike other frightening and fearsome scenarios about what could be beyond our planet, Living Universe focuses on a more positive and exciting perspective of the possibilities.

The theories and scenarios tackled in the documentary come from a growing body of research findings. Included in the film are interviews with a range of experts in areas to do with the universe. These include astrophysicist, astronomers, and various other scientists.

At the center of the story of this documentary is a journey to a faraway planet beyond the solar system. This voyage is unmanned and undertaken by an advanced artificial intelligence model. Vast training and resources have equipped this model to be ready for any challenge that could arise along the journey. Much of the film focuses on how such a voyage could be made a reality. All the preparation that is required, the selection of a planet to land on, and how the human race might react to findings of life on that planet are examined.

Living Universe is enthusiastic, yet fact-based, as it looks at the human race’s quest to learn more about the universe and how that can be done practically with the technology resources available.

A Journey to the End of Time (2019)

Not only does the human race want to know what lies beyond the solar system, but we also want to know what the future holds. The story of the beginning of time and various evolution theories have been explored a lot, but A Journey to the End of Time seeks to look at the end of time as we know it. This recent documentary is just half an hour long but covers a great amount in that time period.

A Journey to the End of Time is a fast-paced look at the scientific theories that could shed light on the universe’s future and eventual end. Some of the events that the coming times could hold include rising sea levels as the Earth’s magnetic field flips, asteroid collisions, climate patterns that could turn upside down, and the possibility of volcanic eruptions of huge proportions, resulting in the formation of new islands. These are all possibilities that cannot be ruled out hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years from now.

In the future, Antarctica could melt completely because of the changes in climate, and new continents could even form. The Sun could start shining brighter, which could have untold effects on Earth, including the end of plant life. With this, life on Earth has to cease. The Sun could also cause oceans to evaporate.

This eventual end of life on the universe is predicted for the future beyond our lifetimes, as the planets and stars start to degenerate. Scientists believe that these events are going to lead up to further expansion of the universe and the Black Hole Era. This account of the universe’s future is both interesting and frightening.


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