Technology Around the World: A Few of the Leading Countries

Most people in highly developed countries don’t give a second thought about the technology that they use every day. With the constant introduction of new phones, computers, and accessories, it can be easy to forget that a large part of the world is still working to catch up. When it comes to technology, there some countries are living out the future while some are still in the past. There are some definite leaders in the tech race. Take a look at a few of the top contenders.


Technology and science in Japan have far exceeded the goals for the present time. These advances are in part due to necessity. The small country, often plagued by natural disasters has inspired quite a bit of research and technology to make the islands safer and more livable. There doesn’t seem to be any technical subject that Japan has not excelled in. This is a unique attribute, as many countries specialize in a few things. Japan, however, has topped the list when it comes to cars, electronics, industrial robotics, and more. Their contributions to earthquake research have been ongoing. They had an understanding of seismology decades prior to plate tectonics.

The first computer in Japan came out in 1956 and was fueled by the Fuji and Sony companies. Many of the most well-known electronics and automobile companies are based in Japan. Modern homes all over the world use items made by Sony, Cannon, and Toshiba. Japan excels both globally, and in their own country. Their cars are known to be incredibly long lasting, resulting in large influx of foreign vehicles in many areas.

The United States

The United States has made its way to the top with many advances, however, they specialize more in certain niches. Their space program has put them on the radar worldwide. Space exploration has been a long-term goal in the United States, and their perseverance has paid off. Once Neil Armstrong made it to the moon, the United States easily surpassed other nations in this department. Daily technology applications are not unheard of, however. Some of the largest companies in technology have come out of the United States. Microsoft, IBM, and Apple originated here.

Disease control has also been a priority for the United States. Many diseases, like polio and measles, have been completely wiped out by the advancement of vaccinations. Pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and defense are all areas that the United States is known for. The military is considered to be the most advanced in the world when it comes to technology.

South Korea

Specific companies coming out of South Korea include Hyundai, Samsung, and LG. Items from these companies are found in homes and stores all over the world. The products from South Korea are not just available in other countries; they are considered to have a competitive rank. Samsung and Apple are often going head to head in mobile phone wars, while Hyundai and Toyota are top contenders when it comes to automobiles.


Israel is catching up when it comes to technology exports. The most recent numbers show them at about 35 percent. They are also leading the way when it comes to infiltrating electric cars into society. In an effort to make electric cars a more realistic option for residents, Israel has implemented the construction of car charging stations all over the country. It is easier to own an electric car there than in many other countries. The frequent unrest in the country has led Israel to create an incredible defense network. Their legendary “Iron Dome” is a mobile air defense system that aims to intercept incoming aerial attacks. The system proved worthy of its name during the Gaza attack in 2014. The entirety of missiles from this attack was stopped from hitting high population areas of Israel.


Germany has excelled in fields like engineering and scientific research, however, it is best known for its high-end automobiles. Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz are a few of the well-known automobile companies. Audi and BMW also top the charts with their worldwide demand. German defense designers have taken their engineering skills to the next level by designing and manufacturing the new Dolphin submarines, purchased by Israel. While Germany has had some success with space technology and biotechnology, it is safe to say that a large portion of their talents remain in the engineering department.


Russia preceded the United States with their moon expeditions and space exploration. The United States has since taken the lead, however, Russia is still operating an active space program. Their astronauts are commonly deployed to the International Space Station (ISS). Defense, however, is Russia’s specialty. They both invent and produce their defense equipment. Their ICBM long-range surface-to-air-missiles are known around the world. They are also the most proficient missiles in comparison to all others. Their S300, S400, and S500 are also ranked top-notch when it comes to air defense. Recent use of the S300 in the Middle East assisted Syria in fighting off Israel. 

United Kingdom

The history of the United Kingdom shows how advanced they really are. They were the first country to undergo Industrialism. The discovery of hydrogen took place in the UK. Their history includes many of the greatest thinkers of all time. The World Wide Web originated in the UK, quickly taking over the world. Jet engines, locomotive engines, and the electric motor all show expertise in engineering. Electrical applications are also a part of UK technology. These include the electrical telegraph and the incandescent light bulb. Assistance in war complications in Iraq came in the way of the BAE Systems Taranis, an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.  The United Kingdom has some specialized talents that assist many countries.

Canada, China, and Finland

Canada, China, and Finland finish up the top 10 countries leading the way in technology. Canada focuses on scientific research with specialists in biotechnology.  They prefer a gentle approach to the sciences. They have also come up with some important inventions, including a credit card without a chip, wireless interact machines, and the Avro Arrow. The Avro Arrow is a supersonic twin-engine aircraft.

China’s technical prowess goes way back. They were the first country to use a compass and gunpowder. The last 10 years in China has brought extreme growth in the way of technology. Scientists in China are excelling in genetics, robotics, and high-speed trains, among other things. Their space program is not at the forefront but is continuously developing.

Finland is best known for Nokia communications products. Nokia managed to stay on top for several years. Many people may remember that their first cell phone was a Nokia. Finland is a hub for the sciences. The country is encouraging scientific study by providing scholarships for scientists from many places around the globe. Their specialties include energy, environmental sciences, and biosciences. The country is also known for its medical advancements.

Technology is a worldwide effort when it comes to improvement. Many countries excel in specific areas, while others present with a variety of talents. There is no question that new technology is developing faster than ever before. With the invention of the World Wide Web, ideas and research can be shared, and countries can collaborate on many projects. The countries on top today may soon be joined by many others.

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