The Best Time to Burn Calories While Resting

Time is a valuable thing. Recently, scientists noticed that even the time of day when you rest is important. Especially when you want to burn calories. Scientists have learned that people burn almost 130 calories more when resting in the afternoon or in the evening when compared to resting in the morning. One thing to take into account when talking about this is that carbohydrates are burned more in the morning, while fats are burned more during the day and in the evening.

These findings indicate that when you eat and sleep might be equally as important as what you eat and how much you sleep. During resting, calories are consumed while breathing, throughout blood circulation, and brain activity. Calories are even consumed while our body maintains body temperature. Researchers are still unsure whether this is connected to our circadian rhythm or not, because some studies have shown that the bodies resting metabolism is controlled by our circadian clock.

During the studies, seven people were put into windowless rooms for a period of three weeks. They had no indications of what time of day it was. The scientists pushed the sleeping schedule of the seven people four hours ahead each night. This had the same effect as if the people traveled across the world and passed through all the time zones within a period of one week. People in the study had a set rhythm that determined when they burned calories. The highest amount was burned at 5 p.m. on average, with a few hours up or down, depending on the person. But this variability was to be expected due to the circadian rhythms.

What this study showed is that interrupting a regular circadian rhythm is the biggest issue when it comes to burning calories while resting. Working in shifts and loss of sleep has been proven many times to cause weight gain. What has also been shown is that you can get out of bed and eat any time you want as long as you do it consistently and on a regular schedule.

As her name suggests, Jenna Small stands little over 4ft tall. Being petite and blonde, many often underestimate her talent. As a result, she spent her entire life working twice as hard to prove that she was the best. Now an established geologist, she does not beat around the bush when it comes to her work. Her research has been published and used in schools throughout the region. She often states that her most significant accomplishment was choosing to better herself through a solid education. When she is not busy unearthing new findings, she volunteers as a motivational speaker to girls who have been victims of bullying, discrimination, or harassment.

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