The Diverse Applications of Human Behavioral Psychology

Human behavioral psychology looks at how people think, how people act, and the reasons for that. Psychologists aim to observe and understands patterns of human behavior. This understanding can also assist in assisting people facing behavioral challenges and making predictions about future behaviors. The applications for this understanding of human behavior are very many and very different. Some of these are looked at in this article.

Social Work

There are a lot of family and domestic situations that can call for the work of a social worker. A licensed clinical social worker can be called into such a situation to provide a diagnosis of emotional, mental, or behavioral disorders. They can then bring some much-needed assistance to families, adults, and even children in difficult circumstances.

Counseling and Therapy

The need for counseling and therapy has been on the increase with higher numbers of emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders. Counseling and therapy can be required at different stages of life, including when facing marital problems, mental health disorders, work and career-related stress, and conflict at home. Therapists and counselors provide a much needed sounding board and impartial set of ears to resolve issues or deal with trauma and grief.

Anthropologists and Archeologists

Besides assisting people with the present challenges they face in life, human behavioral psychology is also useful in looking at the human race and where we have come from. Anthropologists and archeologists can use this understanding to see how human behavior has evolved over the centuries. They can also examine evidence and clues for the reasons the shift in behavior has taken place. These experts can also look at different cultures and the differences that existed then and now, which affected what people thought and what they did. They can learn about what ancient people believed and what their values were based on artifacts, history, and other facts established from their lives. Experiences such as war, disease, and changing demographics also need to be factored in to these studies.

Education and Training

Studying human behavior is also important in the developing years of a child’s life, in early childhood education, and in the entire educational sphere. Understanding behavior helps to develop learning materials that suit different learning styles. It helps provide the best way to get learners engaged in the material. It helps to determine how best to motivate and assess students as well as helping to decide which learning materials and technology tools could assist.

Many learners have learning disabilities that affect how they grasp information. Teachers need to understand these so that they adapt their teaching style and speed to that of these students.

Product Testing and Advertising

An understanding of human behavior also plays an important role in the business world. Product developers such as game and phone makers need to test how their target market is going to use their products. They need to know where, when, and why their customers are going to want to use these products. Behavioral studies and testing can help save a lot of time and money with products that only work in theory.

Advertisers also need to understand human behavior for similar reasons. They have to cater to their audiences behavior traits. The adverts need to appeal to the right age, gender, income bracket, and shopping styles. By bringing in behavioral experts to help identify who the target market is and what kind of advertisements might work best for them, companies can save a lot of resources.

The applications of human behavioral psychology are very wide. People are unique, but there are trends and patterns in how we behave that can help educators, marketers, social workers, and even the government make decisions that work for the majority.


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