Using Renewable Energy

People are getting more and more involved in the fight against pollution. As things stand, every country on the planet will be able to produce 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2050.

If the transition to the use of renewable energy is successful, then people can move into more mixed land use. This would allow the possibility for people to combine ranching and wind farms. Scientists conducted a survey that would later be used as a foundation for choosing the correct mixture of resources for any given country to move away from fossil fuels. As things stand, 139 countries are currently responsible for more than 99 percent of carbon emissions across the world. As the analysis showed, every country should be able to switch to renewable resources by the year 2050.


Coal, natural gas, and oil are all non-renewable resources. The rates at which our planet produces them is extremely long. At the rate we are consuming them they will run out, and they will run out soon. Another reason for exchanging them for something renewable is their effect on the climate. One counter-argument people use is that the renewable sources that are available today are not as dependable as pure fossils.

In 2016 15 percent of total electricity generation came from renewable energy resources. 10 percent of total U.S. energy consumption also came from renewable sources. Surprisingly, some of the largest investments made into renewable energy come from places like Texas. Texas alone had about 12 percent of their energy produced in this way.

The United States military has also declared that they will make a conscious effort to switch and use renewable resources 25 percent of the time. In addition to environmental benefits, this also has a practical use. This is due to the fact that a tank that runs on hybrid fuel is much more cost effective and does not need to be refueled as often. Additionally, solar panels do not have the same explosion radius as a gas tank does, in fact, they have almost none at all.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether people really can switch to renewable energy. To test this out, a team of scientists took the available data in order to determine how much wind, geothermal, and solar energy is needed in order to achieve 80 percent usage by the year 2030 and 100 percent usage by the year 2050. Even today it seems as though there are many countries completely capable of powering themselves with renewable energy resources. what is even more promising is the fact that most of the energy can be made locally and with technologies already at our disposal today.

On the other hand, smaller nation-states like Singapore also have the potential to make the switch, though it might be a lot harder for them than it is for bigger countries. But it is doable. The easiest way to achieve this would be to attach solar panels on rooftops or to build wind turbines on ranches. That is a good place to start before they are able to create full-sized solar farms.

The first big step that could make this possible is to make everything around us use electricity instead of gas and oil. This is best shown in the example of a car that runs on gasoline compared to one that runs on electricity. The gasoline car uses 20 percent of its energy while the rest is waste while the electric car uses almost 90 percent with 10 percent waste.

So the transition is possible and there aren’t many downsides. The biggest issue is human psychology. Most people do not want to change something that is currently working, as much as the alternative sounds better.

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