You Can Be Fat and Fit

Eating and living healthy is a choice. And it is a choice that can be approached from various angles. Not everyone has the same definition of healthy or fit, and that is okay. That is how it should be. There is some common knowledge that should be universally accepted. Eating too much sugar, unhealthy carbs, or fats is not good for you and should be avoided as much as possible. Our food choices also dictate much in the way we are built. And although eating healthy is 80 percent of what matters if you want to remain healthy, a solid workout regimen is also key.

It should come as no surprise then that the fat guy killing himself on the treadmill in the gym is healthier than the skinny guy sitting at home in front of his computer or TV. But somehow people still focus on the external factors such as looks and not the medicinal facts available. The skinny person has been skinny their entire life, physical activity doesn’t come hard to them, but generally, the person is inactive and spends most of the day sitting or lying down.


Exercise Is Healthy

The discussions about whether a person can be fat and fit at the same time have been going on for years. A lot of research has been done during that time, and most of it, if not all, points to the fact that this is indeed possible. Overweight people that exercise are healthier than skinny people who do not. But this in no way means that all people that are overweight and exercise are healthier than a person who does not go to the gym. People are different, and not everyone reacts to an unhealthy lifestyle in the same way. Genes play a big part in all of this. There are many people who have not followed a strict diet and exercise plan but are still as healthy as can be. The same thing applies to overweight people that have excellent health markers despite their weight and because of this they never suffer from heart problems or any other obesity-related issues.

The big issue here is the media. Their tendency to focus on fad diets, fad exercise regiments, and data which is not backed by scientific fact does not help to educate people about healthy living. Focusing on the popular in order to garner as many views or individual site visits is detrimental to the population’s overall health.

There have been many studies thus far that clearly indicate that being fat does not necessarily mean you have to be unhealthy. A study from 2011 showed that obese people that exercise on the regular and implement a well-rounded diet changed the way their body functioned. And these changes have nothing to do with a person’s weight. Their overall health increases. A second study, from 2014, showed that overweight people that exercise regularly have the same biomarkers as regular people that exercise the same amount. Interestingly, their biomarkers are different than those found in people of regular weight that do not exercise as much. Their health is in a much better place overall. And finally, a study form 2015 showed that individuals who do not exercise at all have a much higher chance for all-cause mortality than overweight people that exercise.

Weight is a Killer

On the other hand, there have been studies that show there are biological reasons because of which excess body fat is harmful. There are even studies which have concluded that fat cells in an obese person are different from those found in people of normal weight. Others have found that you can be overweight, but your cells stay the same as those in slim people.

One thing that is for sure is that belly fat is really harmful. Studies show that people who have a large waistline also have high mortality rates, especially if compared to people of normal weight and slim waistlines.

So, the fact is that you can be fat and fit. It may not be ideal, but studies do back up the fact that it is possible. It is always better if you are a person of normal weight that exercises and eats healthy than being an overweight person that follows the same lifestyle, although the difference might not be as extreme as previously thought. Skinny and in shape is always better than overweight and in shape, that is just how the human body functions.

The bigger point that should be taken from this is that it is absolutely possible to improve your health just by exercising if you are overweight or obese. But people should keep in mind that all this is individual, and what is true for one person might not hold true for the next. Getting healthier by exercising is great, and if it helps people lose weight in the process even better. If it does not, overall health is much more important than just looking healthy.

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